Warm-up: Do you have many photos of you family and friends? Where do you keep them? What do you do with them?
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The dictionary defines a scrapbook as " an empty book for collecting and preserving photographs, newspaper articles, and other papers." Today, scrapbooking is also a verb- and a popular new hobby. We talked with Diane Lucas of scrapforever.com.Can you define the word scrapbooking? What is it exactly?
When I make a scrapbook, I take a few of my family photos and put them into a "layout"- a page that uses fancy paper, stickers, drawings, and words to show the theme. As an example, this page about my son is called" First day at school.'' Here's a photo of him and his drawings, and I decorated it with with alphabet stickers. I use lots of things on my pages- ribbons, stickers, beads, and much more. When you make a scrapbook, you put words and pictures togegher to show the important times in your life.It can be any time you may think of.It's like a personal history.
That's an interesting question to answer. When I was a child, I always saved bits of paper, things like movie tickets, vacation postcards, even paper napkins. All these stuff were very interesting for me. I loved looking at them and remembering. I made my first scrapbook ten years ago, when my father died. When I looked through his desk, I found the most wonderful things, things I had never noticed-like my parents' anniversary cards, and photos from his Army days. I couldn't throw away anything, so I made two scrapbooks, for my brother and me.
Do you know other people who make scrapbooks?
Oh, yes! We call ourselves "scrappers," and we love to get together. We often have "crops," big parties where we work on our scrapbooks. We bring our scissors and papers and our boxes of photos, and we talk while making new pages. It's a time for enjoyment, when friends show pictures and tell stories about our families and our lives. At the same time, we create a book to keep those memories.
Why is scrapbooking so popular these days? It seems that it has become a popular trend.
I think people want to preserve their family history, and display it to other people. When you make a scrapbook, you can pass Ithe stories to your children and your grandchildren. So many people today want to do that! In the U.S. alone there are 250storesthat sell paper and other supplies for scrapbooking. But that's only about the stores. If you go online, you'll find scrapbooking websites from Norway, New Zealand, and South Africa. It's universal. You can find it almost everywhere. We all have boxes of pictures, and we all want to keep those precious memories. That's the real meaning of scrapbooking: sharing your family and you story.
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