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A Virus
Anny's computer has crashed. She is so nervous and asks help from her friend Betty. Listen to their conversation.


Now that you have once listened to the conversation, have a look at the script to check your listening comprehension ability.

A: Betty, could you take a look at this?
B: Yes, of course. What’s the problem?
A: There was a site in this email without subject. When I opened it, my computer crashed and now I can find a new folder in each drive.
B: Oh, I know. It’s a virus sent through the Internet. It has caused too many computers to crash by destroying their information.
A: What should I do now? Each time I click on a new folder created by this virus, it creates lots of other new folders. It has filled rather all the memory of my computer.
B: From now on, do not open the emails without subjects. But don’t worry, I know a computer company whose work is to give free services to the clients.