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Pizza history
teenage_girls_eating_pizza_mon103196.jpgPizza, like so many other foods, did not ….1….in the country for which it is now famous. …2….you have researched the subject, you, like so many people, probably always thought pizza was strictly an Italian…..3…..The foundations for Pizza were originally laid by early Greeks who first baked large, round and flat breads which they “anointed with oil, herbs, spices and dates”Tomatoes ….4…..at that time or, very likely, they would have used them as we do today.
…5….. the idea of flat beard found its way to Italy where in the 18th century, the flat breads called “pizzas” were sold on the streets and in the markets. They were not topped with anything but were enjoyed as natural.
..6….. they were relatively cheap to make, were tasty and filling, they were sold to the poor all over Naples by street vendors. The acceptance of the tomato by the Neapolitans and the visit of a queen ...7…. to the Pizza as we know and enjoy it today.
In about 1889, Queen Margherita, accompanied by her husband, Umberto, took an inspection tour of her Italian Kingdom. During her travels around Italy she saw many people, ..8…. the peasants, eating this large, flat bread. Curious, the queen ordered her guards to bring her one of these Pizza breads. The Queen loved the bread and would eat it every time she was out …9…. the people, which …10…. some consternation in court circles. It was not seemly for a queen …11…. on peasant’s food.
Nevertheless, the queen loved the bread and decided to take matters into her own hands. Summoning Chef Rafaelle Esposito from his pizzeria to the royal palace, the queen ….12…. him to bake a selection of pizzas for her pleasure.
…13….the queen who was so beloved by her subjects, Rafaelle decided to make a very special pizza just for her. He baked a pizza topped with tomato. Mozzarella cheese, and fresh Basil (to represent the color of Italian flag: Red, white and green).
This became Queen Margherita’s favorite pizza and when word got out that this was one of the queen’s favorite foods, she became even more ….14….. with the Italian people. She also started a culinary …15….., the Pizza margherita, which lasts to this very day in Naples and has now spread throughout the world.girl%20eating%20pizza.png
History ….16….. it clear whether Rafaelle began to sell this creation from his own pizzeria but is known that the Pizza, in much the same form as we now know it, was thereafter enjoyed by all the Italian people. …17…. began to be made in different parts of the country. In Bologna, for example, meat began to be added into the topping mix. Neopolitan pizza became quite popular and it brought garlic and crumbly Neopolitan cheeses into the mixture as well as herbs, fresh vegetables, and other spices and flavorings.
Pizzas can be made either healthy or fatty, depending upon what you use for the toppings. They come in many forms such as Calzones (half the dough is topped then the other half folded over to form a large half-moon shaped Pizza Pocket, which is then baked). About the name: The word “pie” does not ….18….. the crust, or even to the shape or position of the crust. The Oxford English and the Webster’s unabridged agree that the elemental word “pie” is the …19….. of “Pica” or “pizza”. The name relates to the bird’s double color and its habit of gathering odds and ends as does Pizza, or pie, gather, and …20….., varied ingredients.
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