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Christmas shopping in Paris


People often dream of spending Christmas in Paris. Known as the City of Lights, one can imagine how magical the Christmas season must be in the French capital. Paris is one of the world's premier shopping cities.


Shopping in Paris is great fun as ............ can buy anything from fashionable clothes to accessories, from books to antiques and from heavenly perfumes to tableware and much more. There are numerous high-end streets in Paris, that ......... the stores of leading French as well as international brands. The ........... varieties of Paris shops ............. the trend-setting fashion items of the city. Even people who hate shopping enjoy shopping in Paris. When visiting Paris this Christmas season, you ............consider spending some time Christmas shopping, as the city offers endless markets, shops and boutiques where you are sure to find a gift for everyone on your list.

First, the most obvious shopping trip will likely be for clothing and fashion accessories. Paris is not only known for its lights and .......... during Christmas season, but also for its wide and varied fashion industry. Paris fashion plays a major role in ............new trends and designs in the worldwide fashion industry. In the world of fashion and style, Paris enjoys a ........ place. Paris over the time has become ......... with fashion. The city is an ultimate destination for people interested in fashion.

The fashion designers of Paris are popular all over the world for their sense of innovative style, imagination, design and .......... Some of the famous fashion designers..........Madeleine Vionnet, Coco Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, André Perugia, Suzanne Lenglen, Christian Dior, Jeanne Lanvin and Jean Patou, Pierre Cardin and Elsa Schiaparelli. Paris is full of stylish shops and boutiques that offer clothing and accessories for every taste. You can find and endless selection of shoes, handbags and coats for outerwear. You can pair these items with designer dresses, skirts and suits. You can find a fashionable shop in every corner of Paris, while the more .......... shopping districts include Champs Elysées and Boulevard Haussmann.


Another synonymous item with Paris is chocolate. Cocoa ........ from all over the world flock to Paris for a taste of its famous chocolate industry. Paris is home to some of the world's top rated chocolatiers and, given its strong .........., a gift of Parisian chocolate this Christmas is sure to please any chocolate connoisseur. You can visit one of the many ........ chocolate shops in Paris to find a great example of the Parisian sweet.


If you have a book collector on your list of people to shop for, a visit to one of the city's outdoor booksellers ...........what you're looking for. Not only do these unique independent booksellers offer both rare books and new releases, they are also ........ alongside beautiful Paris scenery such as the Seine River. Paris is home to several types of outdoor markets where you are sure to find that one-of-a-kind gift.


Before you embark on your Christmas shopping trip, consider the amount of luggage space you'll need upon your return home. It is a good idea to consider the baggage restrictions that are in place with most airlines. Another option is ........the train from London to Paris, as you ........ more freedom in the quantity and size of your baggage when you make your journey home.

Paris offers a wide variety of shopping opportunities. Thus, for whomever you have on your Christmas list this season, Paris is a great Christmas shopping destination. Retrieved from: http://www.ideamarketers.com/?articleid=2812314

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